Our DEI Commitment

As a group that primarily consists of women of color, we have first hand knowledge that women of color and underrepresented communities rarely get a seat at the table. Leaders LeadUp is a platform to uplift, support, and amplify the talents and voices of amazing women of color.

We highlight and advocate for the career success of Black, Indigenous and Hispanic women who work in education, business, healthcare, medicine, science, technology, law, and more.

Providing services to drive more women of color and underrepresented groups into positions of power and influential leadership roles is central to our mission.

Creating meaningful change starts within our own platform where representation speaks volumes and our commitment to racial equity and inclusion is evident. To that end, our commitments to women of color regarding the Leaders LeadUp training platform are as follows:

Amplify Talents & Voices

Amplify the voices of women of color and provide a safe space to share successes and challenges through our groups and forums.

Partner with Corporations & Community-Focused Organizations

Partner with corporations and community-focused organizations to address issues with hiring, retaining, coaching, training and promoting women of color.

Partner with Healthcare Professionals & Organizations

Partner with health professionals and organizations to support the healthcare and wellness of women of color including both mental and physical health.

Support & Promote Women Minority Owned Businesses

Support and promote businesses owned and operated by women of color.

Affordable & Accessible Training

Make training accessible and affordable to single mothers and women of underrepresented groups.

Spotlight Leaders Across Industries

Spotlight women of color that are subject matter experts and leaders in their fields across various industries.

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