Press Release for Immediate Release: New Leaders LeadUp Unique Boutique Contributes to Community

We are excited to announce our new Leaders LeadUp™ Unique Boutique! New and or handmade jewelry made with beads from Ghana, Uganda,  and jewelry from other suppliers. “As our Boutique continues to grow and include more products, we hope to grow our community partnerships. All purchases made from our Boutique will be used towards training for our Community Partners,” stated Janette M. Braverman,  Founder and CEO of Leaders Leaving Legacies™, the parent company under which Leaders LeadUp™ was established.

In addition, the LeadUp™ Shoppe includes jewelry and accessories contributed by women who “LeadUp™! Do you have gently used “posh” jewelry and accessories you’d like to contribute or donate to Leaders LeadUp™? Review their guidelines at and learn more about how you can participate.

The initial Community Partners benefiting from the Leaders LeadUp™ Unique Boutique sales include: The Greater Milwaukee Urban League, Meta House and FINAO’s Women In Need (WIN) initiative. FINAO, which stands for Failure Is Not An Option, is a nonprofit located in Racine, WI.

Visit the Leaders LeadUp™ website to check out the Unique Boutique and to learn more about each Community Partner and the learning platform which offers training around various topic such as DEI, leadership development for executives and business professionals, as well as career and professional development courses for aspiring leaders. Contact [email protected] for with further questions or to learn how to become a partner.

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